“Longing for Water” — Pangrammatike

As a heads up, I put a piece I’d written a while ago (2017) up on my other blog (focused on creative writing and conlangs). If you want to read a cute, several-page short story about someone participating in an agon and her crush on the main religious officiant, head on over.

Today is the day of the swim race for Karyika, the Goddess of the sea. Karyika has blessed our bay with the smallest tidal change on Laseå, and we are the only city she has blessed with a close-in port. We come to Laku Hill each summer when the air is thick and stagnant to give thanks before bringing her image down to the sea.

Her hymns say that the bay once had immense tides. When Karyika decided to become our patron Goddess, everything changed. The Goddess wove a garment of thin sea-silk hued like sunset over water. She caked her body with mud, clay, and earth and traveled to the mid-ocean rift to seduce Lasåka, the ground-shaking Goddess whose tectonic expertise extends from Laseå’s core to its mountain peaks and volcanoes. Their lovemaking’s earthquakes ……

“Longing for Water” — Pangrammatike

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