Two Posts on My Creative Blog

On my other blog, which is connected to the site where I keep information about what I’ve formally published, I have done some cleaning house and organization.

First, I took many pieces that I posted on this blog and collated them into a post: Twenty Poems: Intersections of Life, Polytheism, and (Platonizing) Sensemaking

Second, I shared a short story about growing up in Neopaganism and adult life adjustments, as it doesn’t really fit into any genre fiction, but writing it was important to me: “Gates of Ivory, Gates of Horn

Enjoy, and if you would like to receive updates on writing-related things, feel free to follow me there. While I’m cross-posting a bit to raise awareness of that site, I will phase out the cross-posting as it becomes apparent that people who may be interested in content are navigating there on their own.

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