A Visual Representation of Intellectual Development

Sometimes, I mention that I was extremely overconfident in my teens and early 20s, which was followed by a colossal intellectual paralysis of self-doubt in my late 20s that resolved in my early 30s, thank Apollon. It’s very common to need to work through things in one’s 20s, go to therapy, do self-development, &c., &c., but there’s an online expectation that people need to be perfectly sorted from the time they learn to talk (or post on social media). This is in addition to the usuals of the Dunning-Kruger effect, where people who know very little about something overestimate their knowledge, sometimes to catastrophic ends, while people who know a lot need to fight impostor syndrome and such due to having such a deep awareness of their knowledge gaps.

I think that lack of awareness of this process — which is common, imo, to all of us — contributes to the harshness online. It’s not like we reach the age of 18 and suddenly have our sh–t together just because we are legal adults, and I try to keep that in mind when I interact with others — we all change and grow over time. The last time I mentioned this to people online (very recently, think yesterday), I thought up a meme.

My hope is that sometime before the end of this life, I reach the Parmenides phase.

May the Daughters of the Sun look kindly upon us all and carry us to truth.

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